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How does the cooperation work?

1. Initial consultations

After an initial acquaintance with our portfolio of products and services, we identify the potential for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

2. Establishment of a partnership

Taking into account the frequency and volume of your orders, we will offer you competitive prices, organize efficient logistics and set suitable payment terms.

3. Smooth operation

We will ensure the smooth running of all operations according to the agreed business conditions. We will provide you with a sample and show you how it works.

4. Customer support

We offer flexible customer support that you can contact online, by phone or in person.

There will always be a need for logistics container solutions for various industries around the world. And it will always be necessary to find the right partner with the best and most reliable IBC container solution for every occasion.


Has our company appealed to you and do you identify with our high international standards and production principles?