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Thanks to complexity of laser cutting technology we can create detailed designs with various thickness of metal sheets. You can address us even with the most complex specification. Orders are processed usually within 1-2 days from the acceptance of the offer and you may rely on our preciseness, quality and speed of delivery.

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Our integrated robotic workplaces produce materials with a faultless quality of welds. Track accuracy of these robots is guaranteed by unique combination of controlling and mechanics, thanks to which we produce high quality work pieces ready to serve their purpose immediately.

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Sales of IBC containers and UNIPAS products now also via the e-shop

We also carry out retail sales through the e-shop. Thanks to the detailed technical specifications of individual products, you can order our logistics solutions online.

We work with the fastest press brake in the given class. TruBend 5130 has an excellent performance, accurate results and perfect angles. It can provide faultless production from the very first component and we therefore guarantee maximum effectiveness and detailed processing.

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Laser welding represents an innovative technology of material processing. Wide variety of materials can be welded by a laser. The most important parameters of laser welding are detailed accuracy, high speed and smooth, solid welds.

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Our R&D team consists of experts who work to improve the quality of our products and services constantly. We implement all knowledge after the results of checking into production. Thanks to this, we constantly introduce innovations into practice and increase the quality of products, processes, systems, and services.

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Innovative products of unipas
We have developed various inovative solutions

In cooperation with the research and development department of UNIPAS, we have developed a number of innovative products that simplify storage, logistics and operations. Do you have your own ideas about solutions that will help your operation progress? We´ll create a tailor-made solution for you.