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IBC containers for liquid materials

Our containers are the best alternative for the transport, processing and storage of liquids. They stand out for their unsurpassed lifespan and level of recyclability.

IBC containers for loose and solid materials

The loose material containers have a half-folding front panel for easy operator access inside. A large bottom discharge gate allows easy and efficient discharging of granulated raw materials, while a solid four-way entry pallet allows for the best handling and resistance.

IBC containers for hazardous materials

Based on their design solutions, our containers are suitable even for the most demanding industrial processes around the world. They were also designed for the transport of hazardous materials. Our units are easy to clean and store, and meet all safety and hygiene standards for the food, chemical, and cosmetic industries.

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Custom product development

Have you found the solution you are looking for, but you need to adapt it even more to your needs? We will ensure the complete process from the design to a high-quality customized output product. Tell us about your demand and our R&D specialists will contact you.